Meet the team

The dynamic culinary team at Signature Bangkok brings together a diverse range of culinary knowledge and Michelin-star experiences. Passionate about local and global culinary traditions, the team works closely with farmers and purveyors to source the best seasonal ingredients.

Thierry Drapeau

Executive Chef

Born in Nantes, in France’s beautiful Loire Valley, Chef Thierry was drawn to the art of cooking while watching his father prepare the family’s Sunday meal. Inspired by nature, Chef Thierry calls his approach “cuisine of the soil”, which brings together the finest, purest ingredients and flavours of land and sea. Chef Thierry’s menus chart a journey of discovery, taking guests through the intimate stories behind each ingredient. At Signature Bangkok, Chef Thierry continues to innovate and evolve his dedication to ‘floral cuisine’ . Inspired by Thailand’s rich natural landscape, Chef Thierry draws on subtle, delicate flavours of edible flowers and herbs to craft beautiful presentations with light and highly concentrated flavours. Grounded in the art of French cooking, Chef Thierry creates meals that are impeccably French and surprisingly light and expressive, making them an ideal experience for special occasions and everyday dining.

Prior to launching Signature Bangkok, Chef Thierry ran the legendary 2-Michelin star Thierry Drapeau Logis de la Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon, en Pays de La Loire, France. Chef Thierry received his first Michelin star in 2005, within one year of opening. A second Michelin star followed in 2010. He held on to the exclusive 2-Michelin star pedigree for nine consecutive years, making him one of a few chefs worldwide to attain this remarkable achievement.