Meet Chef Thierry

Dedicated to exploring natural and cultural landscapes through gastronomy, Chef Thierry Drapeau culinary philosophy is rooted in Michelin-caliber technique and in expressing the story of each ingredient.

 Born in Nantes, a provincial city in France’s picturesque Loire Valley, Chef Thierry is inspired by nature, terroir and the powerful memories and emotions that come from sharing and enjoying meals with family and friends. He rose quickly through the culinary ranks, gaining fame for his dedication to sourcing all-natural ingredients, straight from the garden, and charming guests with subtle, unexpected theatrical presentations.

In 2004, Chef Thierry opened the landmark 2-Michelin star Thierry Drapeau Logis de Chabotterie in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon, Loire Valley, where he developed “cuisine of the soil,” an approach-cum-philosophy grounded in sourcing the finest local ingredients and delivering light, lively and highly concentrated flavours. In 2005, within one year of opening, the restaurant received its first Michelin star. A second Michelin star followed in 2010.. Chef Thierry maintained this exclusive 2-Michelin star pedigree for nine consecutive years, making him one of France’s top rising star chefs.

At Signature Bangkok, the concept of terroir and interpreting the ingredients of land and sea remains at the forefront of Chef Thierry’s culinary approach, Additionally, Chef Thierry’s menu puts a fresh spin on modern French cuisine complemented by local herbaceous notes and bright, edible wildflowers.