“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are”

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Best French Restaurant in Bangkok

French cooking is one of the most lauded cuisines in the world. Loved for its artistry and rich combination of flavours, a menu of French dishes always signals a delicious and hearty meal.

Signature Bangkok restaurant, in VIE Hotel Bangkok, has taken the mission to introduce more diners to just how good it can be, and at affordable prices, with an immersive performance that allows the restaurant’s customers to realize they are dining in the best Fresh restaurant in Bangkok and are its special guests.

In its aim to become the most well known and best French restaurant in Bangkok, Signature Bangkok has considered the desires of the contemporary diner. While the awareness of Michelin star dining grows in the capital of Thailand, and a number of quite formal and expensive venues have emerged, Signature Bangkok has focused on bring diners deeper into the experience of Michelin star dining.


5 Course Flower Bouquet

Embark on a sensory journey through the Winter Garden!

5 Course Vegetarian Bouquet

As always, the hallmark of Chef Thierry’s modern French and floral cuisine are the herbs and flowers that flavour each course.

8 Course Flower Bouquet

A new winter menu featuring rare ingredients & flowers from France’s Loire Valley & the northern hills of Chiang Mai

The Flower Chef

in action!

The Experience


Welcome to Signature

Achieving an exclusive collaboration with a Michelin starred Chef Thierry Drapeau, is the perfect beginning. The guests arrive and are invited to relax in the restaurant’s lounge while looking through the delightful menu and enjoying aperitifs, along with some fine selections of sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, to which Chef Thierry is native.  


The Velvet Curtains Show

When they are ready, velvet curtains are parted for them and the open kitchen reveals the master at work, alongside splendid views of the city, in the best French restaurant in Bangkok.


Meet the Flower Chef

Michelin starred Chef Thierry Drapeau, from the Loire Valley of France, has long been recognized as a pioneer of the excellent cuisine, and is a well known figure in gastronomy in Asia. His celebrated talent uses natural floral and herbal ingredients, rather than spices, which bring out extraordinary nuances in the fish and meat of his magnificent dishes.

Best French Restaurant in Bangkok

Guests of Signature Bangkok are given the option of a 5-course set dinner or a 8-course set dinner.

Signature Bangkok is currently offering its seasonal winter menu. Available in 5- and 8-course options, the Winter Menu is inspired by the season’s festive spirit. Cosy, chilling nights around the fire, nostalgic memories and the gathering of families and friends inform the choice of ingredients.

Presentations feature fresh flowers and herbs from the restaurant’s on-site garden, as well as seasonal delicacies imported from artisanal suppliers in France’s Loire Valley and Chiang Mai contribute seasonal flavours and dimension. Flowers and herbs like marguerite or the daisy, coriander, fennel and cosmos make unexpected and charming appearances throughout the meal.

A native of the Loire Valley, Chef Thierry has established strong relationships with farmers, fishermen and vineyards in the region. Additionally, he works closely with Jacques Cavin, an organic farmer in Chiang Mai northern hills. The high elevation and low temperatures at Jacques Cavin’s farm are ideal for growing winter vegetables and flowers, many of which are cultivated specially for Signature Bangkok.
Highlights include ‘La Mer’, wherein Chef Thierry serves fresh Loire River fish from Laurent Daniel, his preferred fishing supplier in northern France. Steamed “en papillote”, the fish is incredibly moist and flavourful. Fennel flowers contribute mild anise and licorice notes. The course is presented tableside, where it is unwrapped like a Christmas present.

In ‘Le Pigeon’, Chef Thierry showcases young squab roasted en jus with spelt and black sesame sauce. The preparation is finished with ‘red shiso’ leaves which contribute mild citrusy flavour, with hints of cinnamon, cloves, and mint.

‘Le Fromage’ includes an array of goat cheeses like Crottin de Chavignol Les, Pouligny Saint Pierre, Valencay, each with distinctive terroirs and AOC appellations. The cheeses are sourced from Les Freres Marchand, one the Loire Valley’s most respected artisanal cheesemakers.

For the dessert course, Chef Thierry presents Mille Feuille, a classic French dessert. Served warm, it is made from a recipe Chef Thierry learned 30+ years ago at Restaurant Gilles. Chef Thierry will adjust the dessert course each evening, to suit the mood and availability of herbs and spices. Surprise and playfulness are integral to the Chef’s approach!

The 8-course menu begins with an Amuse Bouche, followed by Le Ferme, La Mer (fish), Le Pigeon), Le Fromage (cheese) & Plaisairs Sucré (dessert), along with amuse bouche and palette cleansing courses. The 5-course menu is similar, although guests can select either the La Mer or Le Pigeon course. Vegetarian options are available